Scaffolding Professionals Delivering Reliable and Safe Height Solutions in the Canterbury Area

Welcome to Upright Scaffolding Ltd

Upright Scaffolding is a market leader in providing scaffolding services within the Canterbury region. Established in 1949, Upright Scaffolding has consistently provided excellent service and competitive prices with a strong commitment to health and safety.

Today the name Upright Scaffolding is known for its professionalism and dedication without compromise in all aspects of commercial, industrial and residential commitments. We have over six decades of experience and expertise covering all aspects of scaffolding.

Our experienced and fully trained team work in conjunction with customers to ensure we supply scaffolding that best suits the requirements for the job. We are constantly committed to upskilling our experienced staff through training.

We supply the right scaffolding product with no hidden costs. Delivering the services you need, when you need it. Our management team believe that for the successful execution of a project, effective planning is essential.

Our focus is always on what you need - providing you with the right scaffolding and support to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Upright Scaffolding Ltd is now located at their new primises at 120 Hayton Rd, Wigram Business Park, Christchurch.



We are market leaders in Scaffolding, check out some or our previous work..


We dry hire and install Upright Fencing to meet your requirements.


Upright Scaffolding Limited is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.