Lyttelton Port: Damaged container crane

The client:

Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) is the largest Port in New Zealand’s South Island. They are the gateway for the goods that keep the region moving. LPC stands at the core of trade and serves as a crucial link in the global transport network.

The Port boasts a reputation for accommodating a wide variety of trades and provides comprehensive shipping services to exporters and importers, operating round the clock, every day of the year. This trade is indispensable to businesses and consumers in Canterbury.

The challenges:

LPC faced an urgent situation when a large boat made contact with one of their container cranes, necessitating immediate repairs. The port identified the need for swift and reliable scaffolding solutions to facilitate the repair work. Given the critical nature of the situation and the high costs incurred with each day of crane inoperability, the timeline for the project was extremely tight.

The solution:

Having been the preferred supplier for LPC for over 40 years, Upright Scaffolding was the natural choice for this critical project. Upon receiving the call for assistance, we promptly conducted a site visit the next day to assess the scope of work with the port master. Recognising the urgency of the situation, we sent in our most experienced team members – over the holiday period – to ensure swift and efficient completion of the scaffolding.

Navigating the stringent requirements of LPC for permits to undertake work on-site, we completed all necessary paperwork to secure the permit to work. Throughout the project, our team maintained clear communication channels with LPC to ensure alignment and timely progress

The result:

Upon project completion, feedback from LPC was positive, with the supervisor expressing satisfaction with our timely and professional execution of the scaffolding work. The efficient completion of the project minimised downtime for the container crane, helping to mitigate financial losses for LPC.

Given our longstanding relationship with LPC and our demonstrated ability to deliver under pressure, we’ll continue to work with LPC on future projects. We’re committed to providing reliable and effective scaffolding solutions to support the ongoing operations and maintenance needs of LPC and the dry dock.



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