Upright and Upstream

Upright teams with Upstream for charitable cause

Upright scaffolding is proud to announce that it has partnered with Upstream, a nonprofit organisation that supports young kiwis in need.

While Upright has always been a part of its community and has supported many local organisations in the past, we are particularly proud of our association with Upstream due to its unique business model.

The Upstream model

Upstream has a unique ‘triple win’ model! When customers purchase from an Upstream supplier, that supplier donates a portion of their invoice to the Good Cause of the customer’s choosing. Customers don’t pay extra, suppliers find new clients, and charities receive the needed funding.

The Good Causes of Upstream support are Youth Work, Mentoring, Children with Disabilities, Counselling Subsidies and Youth related whānau support.

About Upstream

Upstream exists to strengthen the well-being of children and young people in Aotearoa. The platform connects customers to socially conscious businesses to generate funds for charities that support our next generation.

Upstream and Upright Scaffolding

Upright has been proud to support charitable and community organisations in the past, but this program is a little different.

“While sponsoring local football teams and community events is great, we love to see those who need help getting the support they need,” says Upright Director Nick Pfhalert.

“Upstream has created a commercially viable model that rewards businesses for choosing other businesses that are a part of this program,” adds Nick. “With sustainability being a core objective of many forward-thinking businesses in today’s corporate world, this ticks multiple boxes for its clear and measurable results towards this goal.”

Watch this video to learn more about how Upstream works.

Anyone can get involved.

The great news about this program is that anyone can get involved. From Business to Business or end consumer, there is a vast range of businesses and suppliers to choose from that are part of this program and are willing to donate part of the sale to a good cause.

From trades and services to professional services and product suppliers, you can be a conscious consumer and become part of the program helping young Kiwis get a fair go.

To learn more, check out the Upstream website.

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