Covid-19 Level 4: Open for essential services

Upright Scaffolding is available to essential services providers during the Level 4 Lockdown Period.

We are currently working to ensure continuity of number of major infrastructure projects in transport, oil and gas, and shipping. We’re also supporting crucial repair and maintenance activity for food production facilities throughout the South Island.

Social distancing, hygiene and other Covid-19 protocols

As a a cloud-based business we can work remotely to get scaffold teams on site and ready to work quickly.

We spent last week implementing strict Covid-19 hygiene protocols with staff. Teams follow careful routines when handling clothing, equipment and vehicles on site, and practice 2m distancing wherever possible on site.

We can meet any of your own Covid-19 response protocols.

Rapid response

We’re geared to respond quickly and to work flexibly. If you need a scaffolding solution, give Upright a call on 0800 Upright orcontact us. We’re here to get the job done.

To everyone around New Zealand. Take care, be kind, we will get through this together.

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