Upright available for Essential Services during Covid-19 Lockdown

Covid-19: Wellbeing precautions

The safety and wellbeing of staff and customers has always been a priority for Upright. We are taking our Covid-19 response very seriously.

From Thursday 26 March until the end of the Level 4 Lockdown, Upright staff will operate remotely from their homes. When required to support customers who are operating essential services, we’ll pull together a qualified team, equipment and vehicles for the job.

Our minimum hygiene standards are outlined below:

Personal contact

No bodily contact, including hand shaking. Limit time within 2m of another team member or customers. Specifically:

– all job coordination to be conducted remotely

– team members must temperature check themselves before leaving home, and be temperature checked on arrival at the office for briefing

– observe 2m separation between team members during briefings

– limit conversation when in-vehicle. Use multiple vehicles where possible to reduce the number of team members in close proximity

Hand hygiene

Sanitising kits in every vehicle, hand washing stations in the yard, and staff briefing on when and how to clean hands for maximum effect.

Waste disposal

Waste disposal bags in every vehicle and on site, with instructions to tie off rubbish after every job

Job Sites

Upright staff will:

– wash or sanitize hands before and after handling gear, and wipe down frequently touched equipment

– use their own pens to sign in/out

– wipe down handover register

– follow the increased personal hygiene and social distancing protocols

Equipment and vehicles


– installed a hygiene kit in every truck. Staff will wipe down steering wheel, cab seats, gear stick, internal and external door handles, all doors, windows, cab interior (including seats), tail gate and any other frequently-touched surface between jobs

– set up cleaning stations at the Upright yard. We have assigned staff to clean vehicles each night with hot soap and water. Rags will be securely disposed of after use.

Thank you to our team at this time. If you have questions about Upright on your work site, please contact 0800 Upright or contact us.

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