Hagley Oval Case Study

Hagley Oval: Camera Towers The client: Known to cricket fans worldwide, the Hagley Oval is the home of cricket in Canterbury and has been since the area's first settlers arrived. Located in Christchurch's Hagley Park, the Oval boasts six permanent light towers, bringing day/night cricket to Christchurch. The next stage of development was to install [...]

Lyttelton Port Case Study

Lyttelton Port: Damaged container crane The client: Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) is the largest Port in New Zealand's South Island. They are the gateway for the goods that keep the region moving. LPC stands at the core of trade and serves as a crucial link in the global transport network. The Port boasts a reputation [...]

Waimakariri Bridge Case Study

FULTON HOGAN: WAIMAKARIRI BRIDGE The Challenge: Heavy traffic, fluctuating river levels and a round the clock work programme are just three of the challenges facing contractor Fulton Hogan as they widen and strengthen the Waimakariri Bridge. The Detail: The work on the bridge is part of the Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) project. A bit of [...]

Mountain Arches Case Study

CASE STUDY: MOUNTAIN ARCHES The Challenge: Flexibility and strong on-the-ground communication helped to ensure that this iconic infrastructure project went smoothly. The Detail: Having supported infrastructure projects for the McConnell Dowell Downer Joint Venture before, the Upright team was keen to take on the scale and complexity of work for the new overpass and Mountain [...]

Lyttelton Fanhouse Case Study

CASE STUDY: LYTTELTON FANHOUSES The Challenge: Install roof edge protection above a working motorway and provide access to ceilings and walls for seismic strengthening of Lyttelton Tunnel’s two historic fanhouses. The Detail: The Lyttelton Tunnel has been a critical link between the Port of Lyttelton and Christchurch since 1964. Fanhouses, located at each end of [...]

Connectics Power Poles Case Study

CASE STUDY: CONNETICS TOWERS The Challenge: Design and install four, 20-metre high, partially encapsulated scaffolds, on uneven ground in high-wind locations. The Detail: The challenges on this project for Connetics and Orion were many! It took the experience and design expertise of Upright and scaffold system manufacturer, Layher's design team to develop a scaffold that [...]

New Brighton Pier Case Study

CASE STUDY: NEW BRIGHTON PIER The Challenge: Provide safe, under-pier access for Fulton Hogan crews to carry our earthquake repairs to 17 support columns for New Brighton Pier. Mitigate project risk due to weather and sea conditions. Maintain public access to the pier for the project duration. The Detail: New Brighton’s iconic 300m long pier [...]